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No Charge For Diagnosis, Lifetime Warranty on Custom Computer Builds

About Us

Charleston’s locally owned and operated computer repair and custom built computer location. Veterans of the IT industry for over 26 years supporting offices in the greater Charleston area.  We have been building and repairing computers for 26 years and hold certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, and Cisco.

Ever wonder why big box retail stores charge you hundreds just to diagnose—not even fix!—your computer? Doesn’t seem fair to pay someone to tell you it’s “broken.” You already knew that! Well, we don’t do that here. If we can’t fix it, there’s no charge. There is zero cost to you for a diagnosis. Not only that, but our turnaround time on repairs is often same day or next day. Virus removals, updates, upgrades, data recovery, custom builds, on site or remote support—we do it all!

We do most of our work from our home office, and that’s important because a business with storefront often pushes its overhead costs on to the customer (you).

We will also come to your home/business at the flat rate of $100 per hour. Most people opt to bring it to us, though, and you don’t even have to leave your car! Just pull up, and we’ll come out and grab what needs to be fixed. Easy.

I guarantee all of my work.  Whether it is a custom build, or a repair, I never charge for follow ups related to the original repair.  If it is a custom build, all maintenance / upgrade labor is free.  If you buy a part for a build I made, I’ll install it and set it up for free.  If a part fails, I will handle the returns (if eligible) and install the replacement for free.

Finally, there are no corporate sponsorships here, and no incentives to “upsell.” I do my best to treat my clients the way I hope and pray my diesel engine mechanic treats me when I bring my truck in to the shop—fairly and honestly.


Custom Computer Builds (Gamers, Enthusiasts, Architects, 3D Modelers)
Computer Repairs
Virus Removal / Mitigation
General Cleanups / Tuneups / Maintenance
Home / Office Networking
Upgrades / Clones / SSD Installs
Troubleshooting / Diagnostics
Remote Support (We Connect To You)
Onsite Support (We Come To Your Location @ $100/Hr.)
Web Design
Data Recovery
Office Computer Supplier / Installer

Custom Build Process

If you already have the parts, and just need us to build it, skip to #5.

1.)  I discuss all custom builds via email so there is a written record of what each client wants.  In the first few emails we establish a budget, and what you will be using the build to do (gaming, CAD, etc).

2.)  I will take your budget and attempt to create a list of the best combination of parts within your budget (or parts that you specify) and email you with a proposed build list of parts and the overall cost.  The price that I include in these emails WILL include labor, taxes, etc.  There won’t be any surprises when the final invoice comes.

3.)  If we agree on a list of parts and the price, I will send over an invoice via Square, which is a secure payment platform that allows you to pay with a credit / debit card.  I do accept other forms of payment, but the Square invoice will be generated and sent to you regardless as a means of receipt / payment confirmation for both the client and myself.

4.)  Once paid I order the parts and share the tracking information with the client / keep the client up to date on when I am expected to receive the parts and when they can expect to pick their completed build up.

5.)  Once I have all of the parts in hand, I build the system.  I do all of the tedious stuff like cable management, driver installation, windows updates, bios updates, configuring fans, cooling, etc.

6.)  Once the new system is up and running I run the build through a series of “stress tests” to ensure stability and performance are what they should be for your custom build.

7.)  If all tests are passed I let the client know the build is ready to be picked up!

What if something breaks?

Don’t worry! In the event of a hardware/part failure:  If a part of the build fails within its warrantied period (manufacturer’s warranty) I will handle the exchange/return and install whatever part that failed *free of charge.*  If the part is out of warranty (typically, if it is over a year old) the client is only responsible for the cost of the replacement part.  The only exception to this rule is the motherboard.  If a motherboard has failed and it is out of warranty, the replacement process is essentially a complete rebuild that will take hours and will incur a discounted labor rate plus the cost of the replacement motherboard.

Software / Windows issues I troubleshoot and work on free of charge, as well as remote sessions to troubleshoot an issue.

In short, I do my best to guarantee and support my builds “for life.”  That way you don’t have to worry about something going wrong, shipping and waiting weeks for a fix, etc.

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